Treasure 9: The Gregory Mine Reckoning Book

This treasure has been chosen by Matthew Pawelski, who is working towards a PhD on the history of the Derbyshire lead industry, as a part of a collaboration between Lancaster University and Derbyshire Record Office, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Matthew’s chosen record is a reckoning book from Gregory (or Gregory’s) Mine in Ashover, covering 1782-1803 (D1101/L/4).

Here is a video clip in which he explains what a reckoning book is, and what makes this one so special:

3 thoughts on “Treasure 9: The Gregory Mine Reckoning Book

  1. Some additional information about this Treasure has been sent to us by email, for which we are grateful:
    Having just watched the video of the Gregory Mine Reckoning Book kept by John Milnes, I thought a little more information was needed about this industrious member of my family.
    John Milnes baptised 15th December 1759 in Ashover was not a mere clerk, but along with his brother William and father, also William, was a proprietor of the mine. He also corresponded with Boulton and Watt 1792, regarding the operation and working of the New engine bought through negotiations with that company by his father and brother (letters 1779 -1782)
    John Milnes is described in “History and Gazetteer of the County of Derby” as the “inventor of the new ore dish, by which the measure and value of ore are ascertained at the same time, and the improver of the Cupola Furnace, and also the application of heat”
    He co-owned Stanage mine as Sykes, Milnes, and Co.
    He owned Edlestow Hall Ashover which he purchased in 1808 and lived his entire life at The Butts Ashover, a home his great grandfather had bought in 1696. Much can be found about John Milnes by a simple on-line search using his name.

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