Treasure 5: volume of criminal portraits

This treasure is part of the Derbyshire Constabulary collection (the full list for the collection can be downloaded from our catalogue). It shows photographs of people who had been apprehended by the police, taken shortly after their arrest. The photographs alone contain masses of social history. The volume was chosen as a treasure by Elissa, a longstanding volunteer here at Derbyshire Record Office. She remarks: ‘I particularly like the fact that it’s the same police officer who keeps appearing in the criminal portraits!’

The volume of criminal portraits, chosen by our volunteer Elissa

The volume of criminal portraits (D3376/OS/7/1), chosen by our volunteer Elissa

The Derbyshire Constabulary was formed on 17 March 1857 and originally consisted of eight divisions; Ashbourne, Bakewell, Belper, Chesterfield, Derby, Glossop, Melbourne and Matlock. Control of the force remained with the Quarter Sessions (for minutes see Q/S) until, under the Local Government Act 1888, it passed to a Standing Joint Committee with equal numbers of magistrates and county councillors.

The borough police forces established in Derby and Chesterfield in 1836 continued as separate forces and Glossop formed its own force when it became a municipal borough in 1867. The borough forces in Chesterfield and Glossop continued until 1947. The Derby Borough Police amalgamated with the county force in April 1967 to form the Derby County and Borough Constabulary which in 1973 again became known as the Derbyshire Constabulary.

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