Preservation – Edmund Potter & Co. Shirt


A few weeks ago we blogged about the Beatrix Potter connection with our collection of archives from her grandfather’s printing company, Edmund Potter & Co, Calico Printers of Dinting Vale, Glossop (D1589). The collection contains some beautiful original pattern books, and also a rather amazing shirt which we think dates from around 1883. The shirt was found in one of the archive boxes, folded up and stuffed into an old brown envelope – an entirely unsuitable way of storing such a unique and historic item. D1589 potter shirtD1589 Shirt (8)D1589 Shirt (2)Potter shirt wrapped upPotter shirt in box

The conservation team have now re-packaged the shirt by carefully wrapping it in acid-free tissue, supporting the folds using conservation padding, and making a made to measure box out of acid-free archival box-board for it to live in. We think such a lovely item is worthy of such care and attention (much better than being stuffed in an envelope!) don’t you agree?

4 thoughts on “Preservation – Edmund Potter & Co. Shirt

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  2. A truly unique item and seemingly well-worn. It begs many questions: who was it’s owner; what else was made from the batch of fabric; who are the characters – the male depictions appear to be from actual photos and I’m sure I can spot Lewis Carroll’s Alice!

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