Queen Elizabeth II visits Matlock

On 10th July 2014, Matlock was greeted with an old face which was a surprise to many as she hasn’t visited for around 2o years. So who could this old face be? Well only the Queen herself. Her Majesty arrived in Matlock on Thursday 10th July by train and is visiting Lea Mills and Chatsworth which reminds us very much of her visit back in 1968. On 10th May 1968 the Queen arrived by train into Matlock and was greeted by a huge crowd. She did a number of things on her visit such as, visiting World War one veterans, travelling over to Lea green centre and Lea Mills. Here at the record office we have a souvenir brochure from that day including a selection of photographs taken by the Matlock Mercury and many captions under the photographs which although not very exciting were certainly ironic as the last caption in the brochure which was under a picture of the Queen waving good bye was “Time to say farewell …. And will ye not come back again?” Well in answer to that question, yes she has and I’m sure Matlock will greet her with as much joy as they did back in 1968.

Posted by Charlotte Davies , work experience student

Extract from Souvenir brochure from 1968

Extract from Souvenir brochure from 1968

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