Our week at the Record Office, by Emily and Harriet


Our names are Harriet and Emily and we completed our Year 10 work experience at the Derbyshire Record Office this summer. We have done so many different things that we never thought we’d have a chance to do and have enjoyed every minute of them!

We’ve had a go at everything that the Record Office has to offer, from cleaning documents this morning in Conservation to wheeling them to the massive storerooms. Whilst we have been completing our placements we have mastered the art of cataloguing, learnt how to use a microfilm reader and even managed to remember our way around the huge building itself!

During our work experience we were given the task of numbering a new collection that had been given to the office, from Elvaston Castle. We loved reading through the old postcards, documents and certificates and looked out for recurring names such as John Jackson, the fruit and vegetable supplier, which made the assignment even more enjoyable.


“Elvaston Castle” collection (D7736) after all our work

DSCF0281 DSCF0279 DSCF0280

All of the staff have been really friendly and welcoming and made sure we felt at home. We really enjoyed our placement and don’t want to leave!

Thank you so much!

Harriet & Emily


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