Even more lists now on the catalogue browser

In recent posts, I have been boasting that more lists than ever before are available on the catalogue. Now that we have the Calmview browser, this includes ones that haven't been imported into the database by FindersKeepers just yet, but are available as Word documents. And, as of today, where neither database nor wordprocessed versions … Continue reading Even more lists now on the catalogue browser

Registering a Complaint

As someone who spends a fair amount of my time searching through parish registers, I have been known to silently (or not so silently) curse the handwriting of a long-dead vicar or parish clerk.  They should have foreseen that a few centuries later I would need to decipher their scrawl to find Great-Great-Great-etc-Grandfather Fred!  So I was rather amused to find this … Continue reading Registering a Complaint