A call for help; a polite request


Hullo. This post concerns 2 quite unrelated things – poor netiquette, but I understand these things are tolerated on Fridays.

Thing 1: Does anyone know the source of this image on the Peakland Heritage website? http://www.peaklandheritage.org.uk/gallery/Hiking.jpg We have a researcher who is very eager to have a high-resolution copy, but to oblige we would need to know where we found it in the first place, a decade or so ago. Any ideas gratefully received.

Thing 2: I have nearly finished putting together our annual return of archive accessions, to send to the National Register of Archives (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/nra/default.asp). We took 207 accessions last year, in 278 working days (counting Saturdays as half-days and not making allowance for the fact that we were closed to the public until mid-February 2013). That means that, on any given day, we have a 75% chance of taking in a new accession. If you are among those kind and heroic souls who help to preserve the county’s heritage for future generations by letting us have your old documents, please know this: you can make our service run far, far more efficiently by giving us a bit of warning. Booking an appointment to donate things a day or two in advance is usually fine. If we can advise you about times you might want to avoid because we know we will be busy and therefore keep you waiting, this will be better for you. If we can prevent the arrival of new records clashing with, say, the visit of a school group, staff absences, an outreach event, or our favourite removal firm arriving with lorry loads of material coming back from outstores (just to take examples from the past month), life will be a lot easier for us. Plus, if you make arrangements in advance, we can put your details in our depositor database beforehand, which will mean modestly less time spent on paperwork when you get here. I thank you.

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