First World War Letters

There's a fascinating article on the BBC News website today, explaining how the postal service managed to deliver millions of letters to and from front-line soldiers during World War One (  It's answered many of the questions we in the Conservation Team have been asking ourselves while we clean, repair, digitise and re-package the hundreds of … Continue reading First World War Letters

More about the catalogue browser

My last FindersKeepers post discussed the Calmview browser we will be using to display our catalogue and noted that “Current predictions are that this system will be up and running by mid-January”. I was cagey about exactly when it would be installed, being aware that IT systems and weather systems offer comparable levels of predictability. … Continue reading More about the catalogue browser

50 Treasures

Ever since Derbyshire Record Office turned fifty in 2012, we have been showcasing treasures from our Archive and Local Studies collections.  These items are chosen because they hold special meaning for our staff and users – their favourite, most interesting, inspiring, thought provoking, or simply the most beautiful. These are items that stir the imagination, tell the … Continue reading 50 Treasures