The Wipers Times

Did you watch the drama on BBC 2 last week called ‘The Wipers Times’? It told the fascinating story of a satirical trench newspaper created and edited by Captain F J Roberts of our local regiment, 12th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters.

We’re doing a lot of work preparing for the First World War centenary next year, and so we checked our lists to see if we had any copies of the ‘Wipers Times’.  We do have a few issues, and excitingly, they are in a presentation folder inscribed to Sergeant G Holmes, of the Sherwood Foresters, by Captain Roberts (by this time Lieutenant Colonel Roberts) himself. 

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Our issues date from May 1916, November 1918 and December 1918.  If you want to have a closer look at them, just drop in to the Record Office.

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2 thoughts on “The Wipers Times

  1. Enjoyed the programme, very much so, especially as it gave a different side to the war – in that having a laugh can keep you going. Amazed that DRO has some copies. Brill for the exhibition next year.

    • It was a great programme wasn’t it? It certainly gives a whole new perspective when looking at the originals. The drama really brought home the underlying horror behind the apparently light-hearted gags – and the way that humour kept people going in appalling circumstances. I love the fact that we have Lt Col Roberts’ signature with our copies.

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