Three uses for the Burney collection (1)

Revd Charles Burney (1757-1817) was a busy chap.  Not content with being a busy priest and schoolmaster, he spent much of his time and money gathering together a vast array of books, newspapers and news pamphlets.  The whole collection was bought for the nation by the British Museum in 1817, and is now held at the British Library – where, happily, it has recently been digitised for our enjoyment.  It is quite a resource, being described as “the largest single collection of 17th and 18th century English news media”, and can be accessed using your Derbyshire library card right here:

I offer three possible uses of this database, having had a go at searching for Derbyshire place names.  Here is the first: you could use the Burney collection for researching the history of a property or a landed estate.  To prove it, here is a notice from the Public Advertiser (London), from 31 March 1775:


I will blog another couple of these later in the week.

One thought on “Three uses for the Burney collection (1)

  1. Many thanks for access to these incredible datasets via the library service. They provide hours of fun and education. Lyn

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