Pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday


Looking for a slightly different recipe for this year’s pancakes? Why not try this recipe from Clara’s friend Mrs Coke at Depdale.


Take three spoonfulls of fine flour, a pint of Cream, Six Eggs, three spoonfuls of sack or sweet wine, One of Orange flower Water, a little sugar, half a nutmeg grated, and half a pound of melted butter almost cold, mix all well together, and butter the pan for the first Pancake, let them run as thin as possible, and when they are first coloured, they will be enough, In this manner all the fine Pancakes should be fried

Mrs John Coke


4 thoughts on “Pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday

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  2. Now that recipe really does use up ingredients that you shouldn’t eat when fasting in Lent. Have always found the modern pancake rather an austere thing, mostly made of flour and milk – hardly equivalent to Mardi Gras, but Mrs Coke’s recipe sounds suitably decadent! I’ll try and post the result in Saffron Magazine!

  3. Did you know this recipe comes from the cookbook of Hannah Glasse and was called a Quire of Paper?
    By curious co-incidence I have just been writing about these recipes too on my website which although it is devoted mostly to 18th century Jamaica does cover other aspects of 18th century life.

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