Pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday


Looking for a slightly different recipe for this year’s pancakes? Why not try this recipe from Clara’s friend Mrs Coke at Depdale.


Take three spoonfulls of fine flour, a pint of Cream, Six Eggs, three spoonfuls of sack or sweet wine, One of Orange flower Water, a little sugar, half a nutmeg grated, and half a pound of melted butter almost cold, mix all well together, and butter the pan for the first Pancake, let them run as thin as possible, and when they are first coloured, they will be enough, In this manner all the fine Pancakes should be fried

Mrs John Coke


Recent progress

Further to Becky’s post yesterday, here are some photos of what’s been going on so far this year: books at the County Hall Local Studies Library getting a good clean, then being boxed up and taken down to reside in fancy new shelves at New Street.  It’s been a lot of hard work, but we are remaining cheerful.  Derbyshire Record Office regulars will recognise the owner of the high-vis jacket as Stewart Sandars, our Stakhanovite General Assistant.  Stewart retired in January after many years of cheerful hard work.  We miss him already.

2013 01 a Local Studies moving books (2)

 2013 01 b Matthew cleaning local studies books (2)2013 01 e Stewart and Jamie delivering books to store A (3) 2013 01 d Shelving in computer room (3) 2013 01 c Snow covered carpark  2013 01 f Shelves (filled) store A (4)


Although we still have furniture to be assembled, reception and other counters yet to be arranged (amongst other things), we are pleased that everything has gone as much to plan as we could have hoped, and we will be re-opening on Tuesday 12 February at 11am.

From Wednesday 13 February we will open from 9.30am until 5pm on weekdays, and 9.30am and 1.00pm every Saturday morning.

We hope to see you in the coming months as the finishing touches are put into place.

Robert Burns letter

Researchers from the Enlightened Burns project have been thrilled to get verification that the Robert Burns letter in a volume deposited here is genuine.  (We never doubted it for a moment.)  Project Director Helena Anderson-Wright has been quoted in some of the Scottish press recently thanking us for giving access to the original – and acknowledging the assistance of paper expert Peter Bower in  confirming that the letter is the Real Thing.  It is in a volume of letters and autographs compiled by Mrs Frances Crawford Arkwright and is addressed to her mother, the actress Elizabeth Kemble.  It asks her to look after a book “under lock and key”, because “I do not wish to expose such a thing to the random perusal of Chance”.  According to The Daily Record, the book in question was a collection of Burns’ letters to his friend Robert Riddell concerning the anti-slavery movement.

Here’s the article:

And here’s our catalogue description of the volume: