Murder and Robbery!

The Local Studies Library recently received a donation of three Derby Mercuries from 1768. At once we noticed the following in June 10th 1768:

“WHEREAS Mr. THOMAS OLDHAM, of Aldercar near Heanor, in the County of Derby, left his Houfe near Three o’Clock on Monday the 23d of May laft, fet out for Crumford, in order to pay Half a Year’s Rent (which is upwards of Eighty Pounds) to William Milnes, Efq; and was feen on the Road within two Miles of that Place, and has not fince been either feen or heard of by any of his Friends, (tho’ diligent Search has been made.) It is therefore apprehended he was robb’d and murder’d, as the Grey Mare and the very Switch he rode with, was found in a Pafture near Crumford, the Saddle had fome few Spots on it which appear’d like Blood.

He was a well-looking Man about 37 Years of Age, of about Five Feet Eight Inches, had on a blue Surtout Riding Coat, Brafs Buttons on it inlaid with Steel, brown Coat and Waift-coat with Buttons the fame Colour, black Worfted Breeches and Stockings, a new Pair of Pumps (black on the Grain,) plated Buckles, white Wig, and commonly wore his Hat cock’d.

A Reward of Twenty Guineas will be given to any Perfon that can (or will) difcover where the Body of the faid Mr. Thomas Oldham now is; or if two or more have been concerned in the Murder and Robbery, and one will impeach the other, fuch fo impeaching fhall be admitted Evidence, on the Profecution, and on Conviction of the Murderer, be entitled and paid the fame Reward of Twenty Guineas, by Mrs. Oldham of Aldercar, or by William Milnes, Efq; at Crumford in Derbyfhire.

N. B. Notwithftanding the idle Reports tha have been propagated, the Friends of the unfortunate Mr. Oldham, do affure the Public, that he never deferted his Family, or was ever abfent from Home or undertook a Journey to any Place, diftant more than 10 Miles from Home, unknown to his Wife and Famly; and the Reafon for now fo particularly defcribing his Cloaths, arifes from the Hopes that fhould any part of them be offered to pawn or Sale; it might lead to a Difcovery of the Murderers if fuch there be.



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