Latest recipe from Clara: Lobster Curry

Lobster CurryD7555/1 Clara Palmer-Morewood recipe book p83

Get fresh boiled lobsters and take as much of the meat, spawn, and head as weill be about a pound. Melt a table spoonful of butter in a stew pan, and add to it the lobster and two table spoonfuls of fish curry paste to be had of the oilmen (not powder) and one and a half wine glass of cold water; stew gently for fifteen minutes and it is done.

Le Papier de Nouvelle [The Paper of New]

3 thoughts on “Latest recipe from Clara: Lobster Curry

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  2. As often happens, answering one question (how to make a lobster curry) only leads to more questions (the work of an oilman)

  3. How curious that curry paste was being sold not in a grocery but by the ‘oilmen’ who I always understood to be men who went house to house with a cart selling lamp oil and paraffin.

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