Recipes from Clara for the Jubilee

Why not try some of these recipes from Clara’s book to help you celebrate the Jubilee this weekend. Here is a recipe for marmalade, keep an eye out for a light sponge cake and ginger beer

D7555/1, page 4Orange Marmalade

Cut the oranges in two, not throught the poles, but across, then with a spoon scrape out all the pulp taking care not to take away of the white part of the rind. Cut the orange peel into slices rather thin, put them in to water, you must change the water every day, till you find it has lost all bitterness, When you take them out of the water, weigh them & to every pound put a pound of loaf sugar, boil the orange peel till it becomes so ternder that you may put a straw through. As soon as you have taken the pulp from the oranges, you must pick out all the skins and pips and close it up till the peel’s prepared as above directed is boiled tender; you must put the sugar to the juice and boil it up before you put the peel to it, skin it from the dross, then put in the peel and let it simmer gently over a slow fire till you find the sugar has entered the peel.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on when making this dish, and send us your Jubilee pictures.

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