On this day in 1770…

was born George Canning, future Prime Minister. In the first sketch by Derbyshire-born artist and caricaturist, George Murgatroyd Woodward, entitled “Naughty Boys giving in their Resignations”, Canning on the left and Castlereagh on the right, bow to the King in the centre, while handing in their resignations.
George III protests: “What, what, going to shoot one another. I am a plain Country Gentleman and don’t approve of it, if you must shoot go and shoot Buonaparte.”
Canning replies:”But when my honor is considered”, while Castlereagh laments: “That it should come to this!! Farewell ye bed of roses”.

In the second sketch also by George Woodward Canning is depecited at St Stephen’s fair on a booth announcing ‘A COLLECTION OF SKY ROCKETS just arrived from DENMARK very curious’  referring to his role in the bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish fleet.

(both copright Derbyshire Record Office)

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