Dungsworth Ada Petrina Greenhough Potter Green

The unfortunately named daughter of Thomas and Ellen Green was baptised in Bolsover on 27 March 1869. Her elder sister, Parnel was baptised on 29 April 1866.

Not surprisingly this family grabbed my attention, and I have endeavoured to identify if any of these unusual names had a particular family sentiment attached. However, my endeavours only seemed to complicate things further!

Father, Thomas, seems to be have been born Thomas Potter; when he married Ellen Taylor in 1854, he records his name as Thomas Green Dangsworth Potter. By 1861, he is Thomas Peter Green. It is almost by this name that he lives until 1896, dying as Thomas Potter Green. His son, Thomas, also used Peter and Potter interchangeably.

Not surprisingly, the subject of this post appears to have lived as Ada Petrina until her death in 1932.

2 thoughts on “Dungsworth Ada Petrina Greenhough Potter Green

  1. Hi, I am looking for Parnel /parinel shufflebottom c 1735 staffordshire, she married 1st thomas boot, 2nd thomas shaw, as the name Parnell is unusual i wondered if you had come across her in your searches ,

    • I’m afraid I haven’t come across other Parnell’s in our records, though I have had a quick search on Ancestry and there are certainly other Parnell’s listed in Derbyshire over the last four centuries. We can specifically search for Parnel Shufflebottom in our records as part of our search service. Please see our full website for further details http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/recordoffice

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