Our last day at New Street

A few snaps as we leave the New Street building to make a start on arranging the creche building, our temporary home for the coming months of the exciting new project to extend and refurbish the former Ernest Bailey Grammar School and our home for the last 20 or so years

Jack Junk’s Opinion of the French Language

To mark European Day of Languages (http://edl.ecml.at/), here is a cartoon by Derbyshire-raised cartoonist George M. Woodward, taken from the large collection of his works held here:


 The sailor on the left asks:

Why Jack! You was so long in a French Prison, I suppose you larnt to patter their Lingo a little?

The sailor on the right replies:

No Bob, I never some how fancied it, they call things out of their names so d–nably, – why would you believe it.  They call a Horse a Shovel and a Hat a Chopper!!

Uncoloured print. 348 x 245 mm.

Date: Aug 1805

Catalogue number: D5459/2/39

Alfreton Local History Open Day

Two pictures of participants in the Local History Open Day at Alfreton Library last week.  We had a fun day, and the event’s organisers reckon we had sixty visitors, which means it was time well spent as well.


Rusty Bacon

When the Bacon has been salted about a Fortnight putt it into a Box of the Size of the Bacon, covering the bottom of the Box [?]Hay, rap up each piece of Bacon with [?]Hay, + between every piece put a lare [layer] of [?]Hay, the Box must be kept shut, to prevent Rats or vermin getting into it.

More delights from the Strutt Library

For obvious reasons, afficionados of our county’s history know a thing or two about mining.  This book, part of the Strutt Library, is by Georgius Agricola (1494-1555), the “father of mineralogy”, and goes into the subject in some considerable detail.  It is illustrated too, as you can see from these pictures:

[2018: Images of this book have been deleted to make room for future posts – however, the book is still available in the Strutt Library, and the text can be found online.]

The Strutt Library’s copy of “De Re Metallica” is not a first edition, however: it only dates back to 1657, when the text was published in Switzerland.

A Disney Production

Yesterday, we posted pictures of the Melland Library being readied for transport to an outstore.  Today is the turn of the Strutt Library, an extraordinary assemblage of books collected by the eponymous family of industrialists.  The library contains a great wealth of sources of interest for the study of Derbyshire history, and a great deal besides.  Take, for instance, this: John Disney’s 1729 description of the various legal codes dealing with unspeakable behaviour.