Smedley, Duesbury and the football

[2018: images from the “Thank You For Your Letter” project have been deleted to make space for new posts.  The images have been retained within Derbyshire County Council’s internal records system so that we may re-use them in the future.]

D6808/3/1: St Andrew’s Middle Class School, Derby, April 14th, 1882

[Pupils who fell foul of this school’s laws had to submit written apologies to the headmaster – here are two, about the same incident]

Dear Sir,

Somebody told me that Sharp had a ball, so I asked him to put it down.  Smedley then said if he did, he (Smedley) would throw it over the wall.  I told Sharp that I would not let Smedley do it.  Sharp put the Ball down and Smedley took it up, and threw it over the wall.  I then went up to Smedley and told him I would hit him if he did it again, and he said I dare not.  As I am very short tempered it made me angry and so a little fight ensued.  After that he threw it over again, this made me very angry and I went up to him and hit him and he back and we began fighting, and in so doing I made his nose bleed and I afterwards was told that I had made his teeth bleed.  Then he told me that I was a coward and dare not have him a stand up fight but I told him I dare.  Then the whistle blew and I came up stairs.

I hereby apologise for what I have done this afternoon and I am very sorry.  I hope that Smedley and I will always be friends, and hope you will forgive me and I promise I will not do the same again.

I remain,

Yours Truly,

H. D. Duesbury

Dear Sir

I am very sorry this has happened as I have violated the laws of this school.  Sharp put his ball on the floor and commenced a game at football which I did not want because it was a hard ball, so I picked it up and threw it over the wall.  Then Duesbury came up and hit me and I fought him, someone went and fetched it and I threw it over again and Duesbury came up again and held my head down with one hand and hit me with the other and made my nose bleed and then I went and washed my face and Mr Adcock blew the whistle and I came upstairs.

I remain,

Yours Truly,

J. Smedley

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