Smedley, Duesbury and the football

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D6808/3/1: St Andrew’s Middle Class School, Derby, April 14th, 1882

[Pupils who fell foul of this school’s laws had to submit written apologies to the headmaster – here are two, about the same incident]

 Dear Sir,

Somebody told me that Sharp had a ball, so I asked him to put it down.  Smedley then said if he did, he (Smedley) would throw it over the wall.  I told Sharp that I would not let Smedley do it.  Sharp put the Ball down and Smedley took it up, and threw it over the wall.  I then went up to Smedley and told him I would hit him if he did it again, and he said I dare not.  As I am very short tempered it made me angry and so a little fight ensued.  After that he threw it over again, this made me very angry and I went up to him and hit him and he back and we began fighting, and in so doing I made his nose bleed and I afterwards was told that I had made his teeth bleed.  Then he told me that I was a coward and dare not have him a stand up fight but I told him I dare.  Then the whistle blew and I came up stairs. 

 I hereby apologise for what I have done this afternoon and I am very sorry.  I hope that Smedley and I will always be friends, and hope you will forgive me and I promise I will not do the same again.

 I remain,

Yours Truly,

H. D. Duesbury

Dear Sir

I am very sorry this has happened as I have violated the laws of this school.  Sharp put his ball on the floor and commenced a game at football which I did not want because it was a hard ball, so I picked it up and threw it over the wall.  Then Duesbury came up and hit me and I fought him, someone went and fetched it and I threw it over again and Duesbury came up again and held my head down with one hand and hit me with the other and made my nose bleed and then I went and washed my face and Mr Adcock blew the whistle and I came upstairs.

I remain,

Yours Truly,

J. Smedley


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