Letter from a P.O.W.

[2018: images from the “Thank You For Your Letter” project have been deleted to make space for new posts.  The images have been retained within Derbyshire County Council’s internal records system so that we may re-use them in the future.]

D4769/3/13: July 16th 1918

My dear Parents,

Another fortnight has passed & it is “letter day” again. Things are looking up for me. I have now received two letters – one from you  & one from “Lucy Rose Smith” much to my surprise. In addition I have received two lots of money & four parcels so that to a large extent I am independent again.

We have been having some very hot and sultry weather lately which in conjunction with the Influenza, has been rather trying. However we have had a break today in the form of a heavy thunderstorm which has cleared the air somewhat. It has been very bad for the numerous consumptives in the hospital & quite a number have not survived it.

I have had just a touch of home sickness the last day or two – possibly on account of my having had the “flu”. Generally I manage to keep in quite good spirits. The frenchmen with whom we live keep us alive – they are very gay & lively although the homes of some of them are in “occupied country” which in itself would act as a dampen on the spirits of most people.

Well, I don’t think there is very much more to say. It is difficult to find material to fill a letter when one day is so much like another. I wish you could have a peep at us for a moment! Four are playing bridge, three are asleep on their beds & the other two are writing letters, while the kettle is boiling away merrily on our excellent stove ready for tea!

Much love to you both

Yours affectionately


Harry Doughty of the Royal Army Medical Corps (1882-1971)

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