Harry and Monica (2)

[2018: images from the “Thank You For Your Letter” project have been deleted to make space for new posts.  The images have been retained within Derbyshire County Council’s internal records system so that we may re-use them in the future.]

D5994/2/90: Teddington, 30 November 1940

My very Dear One,

Your surprise, your letter, your thought, and your words were so perfect – you are good to me – and I thank you with all my heart.  It is a lovely gift, one that I shall treasure always, and it looks beautiful on my dressing table.  Without exaggeration, it is the envy of all who see it, and I feel so sorry for all those girls who haven’t got a sweetheart like mine, who thinks of these lovely things.  Bless you darling.

My biggest worry is of course, to put it in a safe place, I would send it into the country, but then I should so hate not having it to look at – life is hard.

I am afraid the news in the papers today, Saturday, refer to poor Teddington, Twickenham, Whitton & Richmond; last night we had the blitz all to ourselves, and it was dreadful and the results hideous.  In these districts 300 were killed, & the damage is tremendous.  It all started about 6.30, incendiaries were poured down for about two hours, some fires were started and you can imagine the rest, 100 H.E.s & unexploded bombs were dropped in our borough alone, so you can guess what we felt like.  It lasted until two o’clock this morning, but the hours seem to stretch into eternity, and while we waited with shovels in hand, we all felt that this was the end.  What tonight has in store for us I dare not think, probably our houses will be blown to bits.  One of the dreadful aspects was, people were evacuated from their homes and taken to a deep shelter in the laboratory grounds.  This received a direct hit, the ends became blocked, and about thirty lost their lives not quickly!  The college behind us was burnt out, & three houses on the other side of the pit were blown up, to say nothing of Elmfield Avenue & Cambridge Road.  The house I was going to use as my office inFairfax Roadhas been badly damaged, and so one can go on with similar tales of destruction to the scenes of my own life.

In all this dreadfulness, my thoughts were with you all the time, & I thanked God that you were not here, Darling I love you so.



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