Byron embraces Gally Knight, rejects fame

D239 M/F 16302: April 4th 1815

Dear Knight

I have read “Alashtar” with attention and great pleasure. It appears to me preferable to the Yaniote but that may be owing to the measure which is a favourite of mine. I have seen nothing to make me change the opinion already expressed – very little to alter – & hardly anything which is not or may not be made very good. I have always thought both the risk & the reward of publication (I don’t mean pecuniary reward but fame & so forth) very much overrated – & half imaginary – but I have seldom seen less ground for apprehension on the part of an author than in the poem before me. Believe me very truly your obliged & affectionate servant,



One thought on “Byron embraces Gally Knight, rejects fame

  1. Lest we leave the impression that Lord Byron’s assessment of Gally Knight’s talents was wholly positive, here is a section of a satirical ditty Byron composed three years later:

    He has twelve thousand pounds a year–

    I do not mean to rally

    His songs at sixpence would be dear

    So give them gratis–Gally.

    And if this statement should seem queer

    Or set down in a hurry

    Go–ask (if he will be sincere)

    His Publisher–John Murray.–

    Come say–how Many have been sold?

    And don’t stand shilly-shally,

    Of bound & lettered, red & gold,

    Well printed works of Gally?

    (See, for instance:

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