George Bernard Shaw and Heanor Grammar School


Heanor Grammar School

12 November 1947

Dear Mr Shaw

We had until recently an autograph letter from you exhibited prominently in our Sixth Form Room.  But some time ago, the glass having broken, the letter, our pride and joy, disappeared.  The theory is that it fell out, and was inadvertently swept away.  Now we write to you in hope that you will overlook our remissness, and replace it.

The original letter was sent in answer to a query about your handwriting.  The advice you gave us there was not always followed, but at any rate it proved that you could write legibly – on which doubts had been cast.

Our handwriting now is not always of the best, and we think that it would be extremely valuable if you yourself showed us how you write.  The letter would be framed with all honour, and hung up for all to see as an example of how George Bernard Shaw writes.  We would also very much like to see how your handwriting has changed since you wrote to us last.

The whole Upper Sixth subscribe to this letter, and promise to treat a reply (if we get one – which we doubt) as the school’s most honoured trophy.

I hope we remain



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