Unusual names


100 remarkable names collected by researchers!

“There’s some raw work done at the baptismal font”, as Bertie Wooster observes.  The silence of our searchroom is punctuated by the occasional titter, as transcribers from the Derbyshire Family History Society (http://www.dfhs.org.uk/) come across a real humdinger.  Here are just a hundred examples they have collected over the years.  Spotted any others?  Add them at the bottom!

Surname Forename(s)
ALLEN Abednigo, Meshack & Shadrack Brothers in the 1851 Ilkeston census
AUKLAND Bilberry Nottingham Road Cemetery
BALDWIN Fanny Cincinnatti Ashover gravestone
BALL Galfredo Horsley Will
BARRER Artemidorus Derby burial
BLOWMILEY Margery 1543 will, Mellor
BUMPUS Alfred Adolphus
BUNGEY Bertie St Christopher’s Orphanage
CATT Constance Witness Little Eaton marriages
CHIPS Charley Married Dorothy Salt
CRACKLES Prudence Nottingham St Nicholas
CRULOFINO Libers Derby census
CUTLER Winyfuit B 1671 North Wingfield
DAFFIN Abernatham
DAFT Daisy Clay Cross
DAFT Parkin 1891 Census
DAWSON High Abdullah Foundling born 1825
DAY May Chinley gravestone
DIEDAY Lillie 1881 census
DIZI Virginie Louise
DOXEY Pharoah Born 1863
DUCK Dorothy 1847 marriage
EGG Enoch
EGGS Julia
FANCY Crispin Blackburn 1891 Long Eaton census
FLOPP Lytitia
FLUX Emma Whitington
FORTUNATA Joseph Matrusedela Organ grinder in 1901 Derby census
GABBITAS Restal Sutton 1851 census
GASKIN Cinderella 1841 census
GILL Farewell Dore gravestone
GILL Glossop Dore gravestone
GRAY Archibald Minimum
HANDLEY Herodisia 1841 Makeney census
HAPPYLAND Harry 1871 Burton on trent census
HARRIS Minotaur Beatrix Born 1906
HAYBALL Daisy G.R.O. index
HILL Scythe Baslow marriage
HOLDEN Ugabard Shuttleworth
HOLMES Thomazine Thomasina Duntearfield Born 1844
JEBB Pyarea Darley Abbey Marriages
KREEGER Scourath 1851 Derby census
LANE Trophimus Tansley gravestone
LINDSAY Waterhouse Grymble Ashbourne gravestone
LINNERY Augustus Caesar
LUCK Nelly
LYNE Hannibal Lugg G.R.O. index
LYON Rhoda
MACHIN Urban Udall
MERCER Merrie Maurice
MOFFAT Adolphus Marvel Eckington marriage
MOLALE Louisa Selina Hannah Michelina
MUGG Efshoby Emma Shardlow Baptism register c1830s (note at back dated 1908 re her old age pension)
NIX Nellie
NODDER Bright Ashover gravestone
OLIVER Hector Twin
OLIVER Homer Twin
OUCH Hannah
PINE-COFFIN Major Normanton barracks
PINKNEY Appolonia
PITCHFORK Peter Baslow marriage
PLUME Fanny Nell G.R.O. index
POD Jeremyah
POLLOCKSHIELDS J Swanwick Roll of Honour
PORTILLO Robert Nemesis Juan de Paula Born 1865
PRONGER Clifford
RENCHER Umpstead
ROBERTS Christmas Garibaldi Born 1860
RUSHITT Rhoda G.R.O. index
SARJANT Samuel Crusha 1871 Derby Census
SHIRT Polly Esther
SHORE Offley Bohun Stovin Fairless Stamford births
SNOWBALL Minnie 1871 Burton on trent census
SWASH Barnaby
THORPE Zuba Caravelina Born 1836 Shipley
TINKER Tedbar 1861 census
TITTERINGTON Tarrat Radbourne marriage
TRIPE Linneus G.R.O. index
TROKE John Peace Inkerman Nottingham Road Cemetery
WALLACE Wedderburn Lamphier William
WARDROBE Percy Hope gravestone
WATSON Hugh Bong
ZAGGA Rocchitellode 1891 census

14 thoughts on “Unusual names

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  2. I’m now very confused. I went onto this site last year saying that I had the Victory Medal for Urban Udall machin. A lady replied and I sent her the medal. I had assumed that it was you. Are there two Julies in the family? The address, to which I sent the medal, was in London.

  3. I have the Victory Medal for Urban Udall Machin (b 1889). He was killed in action 15 Apr 1917. Any family member please contact me.

      • hi my dad was Reginald Udall machin my brother is Melvyn Udall machin my dad served in the Sherwood foresters im sure urban is in the wancourt cemetery france
        killed in action

    • hello barnett urban udall machin is my mums uncle her dad was san udall machin there was lots of brothers ( prestwood ) archibald )lots more including my grandad sam they all shared the middle name udall that came from there grandmothers surname fanny udal married sam hilton machin they had 3 sons one was my great great grand father sam archibald and urban was both killed in action (sad times ) urban was in the shewood foresters

      • Had a note via Derbyshire Record Office. It was from you saying you now have the Victory Medal for Urban, that I sent to you a few months back. Enjoy.

      • i only just came up on this sight two days ago so maybe another family member cant see that tho my mum and her brother and sister are the only relatives still living :s i will mail them thank you barnett

      • Prestwood Udall Machin 18 Carpenter Nottinghamshire 1893 Nottingham Urban Udall Machin 21 Gas Office Clerk Nottinghamshire 1890 Nottingham Reginald E U Machin Birth 1916 Nottinghamshire my dad Reginald Ernest Udall machin Ilkeston derby Nottingham my mum Ida may machin {Newman} my father captured in Tobruk ww2

  4. Whilst doing research on the history of the textile industry in Ilkeston and Heanor in the 1980s, my colleagues and I held a competition to see who could find the most unusual male and female names. I won the female category, with Britannia Colclough, and the winning male name was Ulysses Poundall.

  5. Nearly 60 years before the launch of the car, “Minnie Cooper” was signing the Newton Solney marriage register at her (?)brother’s wedding in 1903.

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